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Saudi Private Schools Must Publish Fees a Year in Advance 

by Eddie Rayner

According to a report in the Saudi Gazette newspaper, private schools in Saudi Arabia have been directed to set their tuition fees one year in advance of any proposed changes and are not permitted to raise fees during the school year.

Fees must be registered by schools on the Saudi Ministry of Education website as soon as they become effective. Any modifications to the fees must also be properly noted by the schools. The Ministry will make the fee details public, and the published fees will serve as a reference point in the event of a dispute between schools and fee-paying parents.

Any schools that infringe the new rules will be fined according to the report

The Ministry of Education is also in the process of forming a committee to develop regulations for school fees in the Kingdom’s private schools. The committee will create an annual guide outlining fee adjustments and the rationale for these changes received from the schools.

The Ministry of Education in the Kingdom is publishing new rules regarding fees and is also in the process of developing a full regulatory framework.

With the increasing number of private schools opening in the Kingdom, it appears that the Ministry of Education is anxious to ensure that parents are aware of the fees connected with sending their children to a private school.