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Top 10 CBSE Schools in 2024

by Belinda Breeze

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a prominent national-level board of education in India, established in 1962. CBSE has a reputation for maintaining high educational standards and implementing consistent policies across its affiliated schools. This ensures a uniform and high-quality education experience for students. Here, we highlight the best schools in Saudi Arabia that are affiliated with the CBSE curriculum.

International Indian School, Dammam

Classes: LKG to Class 12

Fees: SAR 3,384 to 4,763

Set up in 1982, International Indian School, Dammam is the biggest CBSE-affiliated school, not only in Saudi Arabia but in the entire Gulf region. There are 1,41,160 students in this school, over 650 teachers, and 30 staff members. It also has 65 private buses.

International Indian School, Jeddah

Classes: LKG to Class 12

Fees: SAR 3,360 to 4,560

The International Indian School, Jeddah, was established in 1969 when it was known as the Embassy of Indian School. It offers separate education for both girls and boys at both elementary and secondary levels, with English as the medium of instruction. There are 12,000 students as well as 600 staff members.

Yara International School

Classes: LKG to Class 12

Fees: SAR 3,500 (approx.)

Yara International School is a K-12 gender-isolated community-based private foreign language institution that focuses more on the English Language. The school was established in 2003 and is located in Riyadh. It is the best CBSE-affiliated school in Saudi Arabia and has around 2500 students and 112 staff members. In June 2009, the Riyadh Chapter of the Muslim Educational Society (MES) arranged an event in honour of the students from CBSE Class 9 to 12 for their academic performance and achievements.

Dunes International School, Al Jubail

Classes: KG1 to Class 10

Fees: SAR 15,100 to 16,500

Since its establishment in 2018, Dunes International School has been renowned for fostering innovation among students, and empowering them to excel in their educational pursuits. Approximately 1500 students are enrolled at the school, along with its 98 staff members.

Al-Alia International Indian School

Classes: KG1 to Class 12

Fees: SAR 4,680 to 6,360

This school, in the al-Malazz neighbourhood of Riyadh, was established in the year 2003. Al-Alia International School (AAIIS) is an Arabic School that is also a K-12 gender-isolated English-medium school, offering the Indian curriculum prescribed by CBSE The school has enrolled over 2,500 students.

Al-Manar International School

Classes: Pre-KG to Class 10

Fees: SAR 18,000 to 19,000

In 2007, the founders established Al-Manar International School in Yanbu. The school has obtained approval from the Ministry of Education and is also affiliated with the CBSE. It has a set of very controlled, stable and disciplined norms alongside advanced and modern strategies to teach students efficiently. The medium of instruction is English.

Al -Yasmin International School

Classes: Nursery to Class 12

Fees: SAR 8,448 (approx.)

This school was established in 1999 in the Al Malazz neighborhood of Riyadh. It is acknowledged by the Ministry of Education, Government of Saudi Arabia, and is one of three schools in the country affiliated with the Peevees Group of Schools.

New Middle East International School, Riyadh

Classes: Nursery to Class 12

Fees: SAR 4,370 (approx.)

Dr Ahmad Al Mutib started Middle East International School in the year 1998 to fulfil the educational needs of students who wanted to pursue their CBSE Education in Saudi Arabia. The school, in Riyadh, also offers an American curriculum for all classes and an IGCSE Syllabus for classes 9 to 12.

Daratassalam International Delhi Public School

Classes: Nursery to Class 12

Fees: SAR 16,000 (approx.)

Daratassalam International Delhi Public School in Riyadh was established in 2004 and, as well as being associated with the CBSE), is a registered Cambridge International School and also a member of the CBSE Gulf Sahodaya, approved by the Ministry of Education.

Novel International School

Classes: KG to Class 9

Fees: SAR 6,000 to 6,600

Novel International School was founded in 2006 in the Rehab District, Jeddah. The Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia, licenses this school and the CBSE accredits it.