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Kinteract is the next generation learning platform of choice for innovative learning institutions delivering future-focused curricula. Suitable for all ages, Kinteract provides personalised pathways for all learners, tracking progress against any framework and raising holistic achievement. We provide students with a portable, personalised online portfolio that contains all the evidence they need to secure their next steps through graduation and beyond.

Kinteract is about more than just academics. We are unique in encompassing all achievements that are personal to every learner. Kinteract can be customised to accommodate any national standards and bespoke curricula, such as skills-based and future-ready frameworks. At school level, Kinteract includes parents in their child’s learning by engaging them as true partners. The platform is fully available in Arabic.

Our customers include: Music in Secondary Schools Trust (UK), Citizens School, GEMS Education, Star International School, Capital School (UAE), Dehong (China) and Ignite (Switzerland).

Kinteract – where learners are more than just a grade.


Kajal Patel

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