Playing to Win

by Eddie Rayner

According to the Global Knowledge Index (GKI) 2022, Saudi Arabia’s internet usage and IT skills are flourishing, with a rapidly growing gaming industry adding to the Kingdom’s rapid advancement.

The GKI, which is regarded as a major contributor to the global knowledge system, focuses on seven indicators that encompass the performance of six important knowledge sectors: pre-university education; technical education and vocational training; higher education; ICT; innovation, research and development; economy; and environment.

Saudi Arabia ranks first in two categories

According to the most recent ranking, Saudi Arabia ranks first in two categories: ‘percentage of the population using the internet’ and ‘percentage of individuals with standard information and communications technology (ICT) skills’. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia was placed first in the technical education and vocational training index for the number of students enrolled in non-university post-secondary vocational and technical programmes.

Individuals with standard ICT skills, the percentage of internet users, households with an internet connection, the research share of R&D investment, and the net enrolment rate in upper secondary education are among Saudi Arabia’s five primary strengths, according to the GKI. The Index also highlighted Saudi Arabia’s excellent performance in the area of cognitive infrastructure, ranking it 43rd out of 132 nations and 41st out of 60 nations with a high human development rate.

The Index also highlighted Saudi Arabia’s excellent performance in the area of cognitive infrastructure

If additional verification were needed of the Saudi market’s technological readiness, recent research on Gaming in the Kingdom confirms the scale of this thriving sector.  Saudi Arabia, a country with a population of 35 million people, is believed to have a staggering 23.5 million gamers!