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Igniting Curiosity and Inspiring Growth Throughout the Kingdom

by Eddie Rayner

Providing high-quality education through a safe, stimulating, and multicultural environment to prepare leaders for a global society since 1956, Al-Hussan Education was first established when Sheikh Abdel Aziz Rashid Al-Hussan launched the Arab Cultural Institute for Adult Education.  In the following year, Al-Hussan Modern Girls School, the first girls’ school in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia was opened, and today there are 19 schools and other educational institutes throughout the Eastern Province, all rated among the best in the Kingdom.

Today, Sheikh Abdel Aziz Rashid Al-Hussan’s son, Rashid Abdel Aziz Al-Hussan, is the president of the Al-Hussan Group of Companies continuing his father’s vision of ‘Education for All’.  

The Al-Hussan International Schools are English medium day schools

The Al-Hussan International Schools, which are English medium day schools, catering to the educational needs of students from Kindergarten to Grade 12, are the most recent addition to the organisation.

Eastern Province

Al-Hussan Education’s first international school, Al-Hussan International School Khobar (AHISK), is located in the Eastern Province and was opened in September 1998.  It has two separate sections for boys and girls on the same campus, with the pre-school in the same vicinity. A year later, Jubail International School (JIS) was established in Jubail Industrial City, consisting of separate boys’ and girls’ sections. In June 2006, Orbit International School (OIS) was added to the group with separate boys and girls sections. The fourth international school, Al-Hussan International Grammar School (AHIGS), opened its doors in August 2015. 

The first international school was Al-Hussan International School Khobar

Central Province (Riyadh)

Carrying the vision forward, Al-Hussan Education launched Al-Hussan International School – Riyadh (AHISR) in the Central Province in 2011. The school has four sections, with separate entrances for the boys’ segment, girls’ segment, pre-school, and the administration offices.

Western Province (Yanbu)

Al-Hussan Education further spread its wings into the Western Province due to huge demand by the communities in Yanbu.  Al-Hussan International School -Yanbu (AHISY) opened in September 2016.