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Effectively Kills 99.9% … Instantly

by Eddie Rayner

SHIELDme™ is a powerful replacement for traditional chemical disinfecting and sterilisation processes. The product uses only natural elements and has been repeatedly proven to be safe for humans yet lethal against all of pathogens.

Incorporating a super oxidised water plus Hypochlorous acid (HOCL), which is also produced naturally inside our bodies to kill viruses and bacteria, the formula utilised in SHIELDme™ was declared a high level disinfectant by the FDA in 2002.

Its main characteristics are that it kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, mycobacterium, fungus, spores and yeast in less than 30 seconds; is safe on humans of all ages, including kids and newborn babies; and contains no alcohol and chemicals, ensuring that it does not irritate the skin or cause side effects.

Internationally registered at TGA Australia and ECHA Europe, SHIELDme™ is available locally in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and KSA (Dubai Municipality, ESMA AUH and SASO KSA.)

SHIELDme™ has been internationally tested and approved by world-renowned laboratories such as Microbac (USA), MSL (UK), TUV (Singapore), Biotest (Australia), and Geoscience (UAE), achieving efficacy of up to 99.99%, instantly killing infectious viruses and bacteria especially during this pandemic. SHIELDme™ is being supplied globally and has manufacturing facilities located in the UAE, UK, Australia, India and the USA.

SHIELDme™ is available in all leading pharmacies, supermarkets, amazon and noon.