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Capital College Joins the Prestigious EAUC

by Eddie Rayner

Capital College, a leading higher education institution in the UAE, becomes the country’s first college to be associated with the prestigious EAUC – The Alliance for Sustainability Leadership in Education – as a prominent signatory member. The college has become a part of over 200 globally-renowned institutions that intend to lead and empower the post-16 education sector and create further awareness amongst its students. Through this association, Capital College’s staff and students will be able to access sustainable resources more efficiently and gain knowledge and be aware of how sustainability can be integrated amongst their peers. The college aims to incorporate sustainability into the student curriculum and activities, making them responsible leaders of tomorrow.

With Capital College’s dynamic team of educators and staff, the membership of the EUAC will expand the footprint of sustainable living in the UAE. Some of the ways Capital College will contribute to sustainable development include inviting guest speakers from industry to talk to students, organising interactive learning sessions on sustainability, arranging clean-ups, and including students in charitable causes.

In line with the UAE’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and EAUC membership, Capital College will be contributing to quality education and various sustainable reforms that will empower the country as a knowledge-based economy. The college is committed to supporting the ‘shift the world onto a sustainable and resilient path’ campaign. Furthermore, the UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda emphasises the development of better education systems by transforming teaching methods. In line with this, Capital College strives to introduce effective teaching techniques into business and vocational programmes that will uplift the quality of education and make students aware of the importance of sustainable development.

Commenting on the latest association, Dr Vikas Nand Kumar Batheja, Co-Founder & Director, Capital College, states: “The education market in the UAE is ever-evolving. The UAE education sector is set to grow by 378th units between 2020 and 2024. With such significant growth and Capital College being a leading higher education provider with an array of entrepreneurship and vocational programmes since 1998, we believe that we have a certain responsibility of shaping students – both individually and professionally. Hence, our association with EAUC will give us an eminent platform and the required resources to effectively channelize students into a sustainable stream.”

Dr Sanjay Batheja, Co-Founder & Director, Capital College, adds: “It is certainly a moment of pride for Capital College to have successfully become a member of EAUC, the first higher education institution in the UAE to do so. Also, with Capital offering programmes like interior and fashion design, it only adds value when we teach students about sustainable ways of creating fashion-forward and innovative designs. We will continue to strive towards expanding the sustainable footprint into the Middle Eastern region and build students with sustainable mindsets who will make a difference to our community.” Along with this, Capital College is also the first higher education institution in the Northern Emirates to become a signatory member of Principles Responsible for Management Education (PRME), a UN-driven initiative supporting sustainability. The college is part of a select 800 signatory members around the globe.