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An Educational Ecosystem

by Eddie Rayner

The secret to getting mentally and physically fit is finding activities and developing a way of life that you love. This is the philosophy at StudioRepublik, a sanctuary where people of all ages (from as young as three) and abilities come to express, to evolve, to get healthy, and to have fun.

Harnessing the finest talent and technology from across the world, StudioRepublik enriches lives across three platforms: The Lab (Integrated Wellness), The Stage (Performing Arts), and The Arena (Group Exercise). Then there is the Tech Lab room, which is part of The Stage platform, an educational environment that includes a computer keyboard, an organ keyboard, and a push device, where you touch the squares on a screen and manipulate sounds. In fact, you can do anything you want without actually learning how to play music: manipulate sounds, beats, the intensity and frequency of beats, add an echo or sound effect, and produce music.

Sensation is everything at StudioRepublik

The lighting, the sound, the energy; physical elements that can be manipulated. This covers live music, DJs, musicians, vocalists, live dance performances, and content management. There are different rigs of lights in every room; it’s an environment on par with nightclubs, but offering a safe haven for children. Let’s not forget drama either, which at StudioRepublik includes not just the acting, but also editing, scriptwriting, makeup, costume, casting, video, theatre, and more. And all of these disciplines are available for juniors and adults. Meanwhile, on the dance side, there is everything from contemporary, such as hip hop, through to traditional, including ballet, tango, salsa, and belly dancing.

Finally, the Arena is a brave new world of Group Exercise, where people come together in an environment of expertly produced visuals, music, and lighting. Senses are stimulated, moods altered, and maximum physical attainment achieved. Classes cater to all fitness levels and interests, including Bootcamp, Aerial, Cycling and GX, Mind and Body classes (Pilates, Yoga and Meditation), as well as an extensively equipped gym. StudioRepublik is genuinely different – it’s life without boundaries. So how big can you dream?