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AI Start-up Hacks Hits One Million Users

by Eddie Rayner

School Hack, Chat-GPT powered EdTech platform that equips students to work with AI and helps develop the skills for the jobs of tomorrow, has hit one million users. Founded in January 2023 and launched in February 2023 by Muhammed Khalid, School Hack’s user growth already rivals some of the fastest-growing apps of all time such as Instagram and Tik Tok. No app from the Gulf region has ever grown as fast before, and School Hack is currently outstripping any other app in the world in terms of the volume of words it is putting through OpenAI’s Chat GPT, with 150 million words a day and rising.

The School Hack business consists of two products, the student-focused School Hack app – available on Apple and Android – and the SHP 2.0 platform focused on educators as well as students. SHP 2.0’s interactive AI portal is a breakthrough in helping schools to regulate and oversee AI usage, ensuring students harness its potential fully and responsibly. It helps prepare students for the future of work in an age of AI and allows full visibility for teachers on how students are using AI – preventing cheating and plagiarism. The advanced AI detector ensures that students stay within the system and cannot exploit external AI platforms to bypass safeguards. These innovations have led Bloom World Academy to introduce School Hack’s SHP 2.0 platform across seven schools.

Generative AI EdTech platform ‘growing as fast as Instagram’

The School Hack products have been in development for two years, anticipating ChatGPT and other AI products by 18 months and giving the app and the portal a massive advantage over a suite of AI products that are hitting the market. Advanced SHP 2.0 features include ‘Smart Media’ which revolutionises the way students interact with videos, lectures and podcasts – it can convert any video or audio instantly to text. This is complemented by the ‘Ask me Anything’ feature, which fosters curiosity and empowers students to take charge of their learning journey, and the ‘SmartDocs’ feature which transforms the way students engage with documents and creates a personalised learning experience. The Social Study Group allows students to work together within the app and encourages collaborative learning and global connections.

Currently putting 150 million words a day through Chat GPT, the most of any app globally

Muhammed Khalid, CEO and Founder said that as AI disrupts education students need the right tools to understand how to make the most of this game-changing technology. “I have always been passionate about education and I have been developing a number of EdTech products over the last few years. As different AI tools emerged I could see the integration potential. Because we had existing products in development, School Hack has a different level of sophistication over other AI-powered apps and a natural head-start – which has been reflected in the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have seen and the record user growth we have witnessed.”

Teachers able to monitor and evaluate students’ responsible use of AI

The School Hack founders were recently invited to speak at an exclusive event in San Diego by GSV Ventures, the world’s largest EdTech investment firm whose founder was an early investor in Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.